Men’s Discipleship

Reach Church Paola is excited to announce the launch of our first Men’s discipleship group & Bible study. This is an opportunity for men to come together each week for a time of fellowship and spiritual growth as we meet in God’s house and study His word. 

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Men’s Discipleship Group & Bible Study

  6:00 – 7:00 a.m.
  Friday Mornings
  Reach Church Paola

The focus for this group will be a chapter-by-chapter book study, beginning with the book of Ephesians. Each week we’ll cover a single chapter from the book, and we’ll study the chapters in order. 
Participants are encouraged to read, study, and reflect on the passage for the coming week in advance. Not only will this contribute to your individual understanding of the text, but it will also enhance our discussion time when we join together as a group.  

Here are some things to consider/take notes on as you read through the text and prepare for the week ahead:

  • Main themes/important points 
  • Key verses 
  • Questions, thoughts, and observations
  • Applications for daily life
  • How is God speaking to you through this text? 
  • Is God revealing something new to you?

Goals for this Study: 
– Help men grow in their faith and in their relationship with the Lord
– Equip men with the truth of God’s word
– Promote spiritual maturity and Christ-like living
– Provide men with a source of encouragement and accountability 
– Help men develop the rewarding and empowering habit of reading, studying, and reflecting on God’s word 

For more information, contact:

Pastor Darren Oglesbee